Sandy Kyros

Reading Specialist

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Michigan, but I have lived in other states as an adult i.e. Texas, Washington and Indiana.

What year did you begin working with children? I began working with children at summer camp while attending college.

What is your favorite thing about Montessori?  I especially appreciate the positive environment shared by both students and instructors. Teaching and learning are not just something we do at Montessori, we do it with enthusiasm, compassion, and heart.

Tell us something interesting about you. I am married with a son, daughter, and grandson. My son is an educator in Georgia where he also coaches a 4x state championship football team; his wife is a microbiologist at the CDC.  My daughter lives in Texas working in emergency management and her husband is a computer scientist at Microsoft. My grandson is 3 years old and attends a Montessori school in Texas. My original certification and experience is in special  education – all grade levels and a variety of disciplines; then I changed my focus to high school vocational education; and later taught within the education department at the University of Alabama. I then changed majors and careers and worked as a marketing healthcare administrator; and finally semi-retired and returned to teaching at PHMA.