At a Glance

Why Palm Harbor Montessori Academy

  • Academically competitive
  • Individualized academic program
  • Beautiful, prepared classrooms
  • Outdoor learning environment
  • Safe and secure campus
  • Community involvement
  • More than 30 years of vision and leadership in our community.

Our Students Are

Our students are simply exceptional.

Our students learn at an early age how to peacefully handle conflict, injured feelings, and challenging issues with compassion and confidence. Many parents have related that the students noticed a difference in other schools how conflict is handled and that the tools they learned for conflict resolution have helped them with their new experiences.

Our students know that they are special – they are treated as individuals with different needs and goals. Children leave our school with skills that allow them to speak confidently, master time management, and make positive choices in their lives.

Our School

Our People
School Leader:
Taren Ponce

Associate School Leader:
Ale Oliva

40 highly qualified teachers, assistants, specialists and administrative staff