Lower Elementary

“Montessori education is child centered and not teacher centered allowing the children to become the individuals they are and are not made to be. Palm Harbor Montessori is a true Montessori school having very trained staff as well as many Administrators that were once teachers themselves. This is something great to see. The staff at PHMA really do love their jobs as guides to help tomorrow’s future.”

Lower Elementary

Ages 6-8 years

Elementary-aged children experience the most academic, information-seeking period of their lives. Cultivating this enthusiasm for learning, while carefully balancing socialemotional, and physical needs, is the goal of the innovative elementary program at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy. This program respects each student’s individual differences while providing advanced academics that are second to none. The curriculum challenges students to develop their powers of abstraction and imagination by exploring things they cannot perceive directly. It moves students to analyze problems and solutions and search out reasons and causes.

Guiding Students in the understanding of concepts from concrete to the abstract
Children excitedly study mathematics, including polynomials, algebraic equations, squaring, and cubing. They perform science experiments and build atomic and molecular models or investigate the world using microscopes and magnifying glasses. They explore the structure, style, and logic of sentences as they eagerly write stories, essays, poems, and research papers. Undertaking independent research and learning to use reference materials, such as encyclopedias, atlases, and the Internet, allows pupils to deepen their knowledge while introducing them to basic research skills. Field trips extend research or understanding of a subject.

Children use hands-on Montessori teaching materials designed to guide their understanding of concepts from the concrete to the abstract. They also participate in a range of fascinating enrichment activities including Spanish, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Physical Education, and Swimming. Teachers skillfully direct students in an atmosphere of calm, order, and enjoyment. They facilitate learning with warm interactions and plenty of encouragement, and it is each teacher’s goal to carefully customize and track every child’s academic needs.

Fostering social, emotional and cognitive development
The educational environment is designed to foster social and emotional development as well as cognitive development. Children advance at their own pace while learning about responsibility, independence, and self-discipline.

Finding appropriate resolutions and promoting community building
Cooperative studies are also encouraged, and students often work in groups to solve problems. In doing so, they are challenged to find appropriate resolutions to social conflicts and to consider what is just and fair. Throughout the program, mutual support, social confidence, mentoring, and community building is also promoted.

Creating a foundation that leads to greater understanding and independence
Older children develop further independence and dignity by planning excursions and by performing community service beyond the classroom. From facts already learned and understood come questions that lead to further research, written work, and artistic expression.

Our students experience a joy of learning that will last a lifetime
The elementary program at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy offers vital learning environments that supports the mastery of fundamental academics while fostering intellectual independence, logical reasoning, self-motivation, and time management. It is the perfect choice for parents who want their children to experience a joy of learning that will last a lifetime.

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