Montessori Primer: A Day in Our Lives

The Montessori classroom is a “living room” for children. Self-correcting lessons are displayed on the shelves awaiting the children. The environment’s purpose is to in unify the psycho-social, academic, and physical development of the child. As guides, our purpose is provide children with a solid foundation that includes positive self-image of oneself and school, security, sense of order, curiosity, and persistence. This foundation will help the child become self-disciplined, and have a sense of responsibility to others.

We have parents who observe our classrooms and wonder, “How does the teacher manage the students?” What a wonderful question. The answer is, “The guide designs an environment that allows each student to engage in what interests them.” The students in a Montessori classroom become engaged and involved in their community. Respect is the foundation from which great work stems. The environment works so well because the children have respect for themselves, each other, and their materials.

This wonderful video from Montessori School of Los Altos provides a beautiful view of a day in the life of the Montessori student.

Join us tomorrow as we take a deeper look at the progression of your child’s day with our timeline of a typical day in the classroom!