Dina Vasiliou – Lower Elementary

1. Where are you from?  I am from New Hampshire and Boston.

2. What year did you begin teaching?  I have been teaching since 1994.

3. Where did you go to school?  I went to the University of New Hampshire and the Boston Conservatory of Music.

4. What degrees/certifications do you hold?  I have a BA from the University of New Hampshire and am Montessori certified ages (6-9) and ages (9-12) from MACTE/Center for Guided Montessori Studies.

5. Describe a “top” teaching moment. My top teaching moment is when students are excited and engaged in learning. Also, when I was introduced to the Montessori curriculum and realized, “Ah, this is where my educational passion lies.

6. What part of the Montessori curriculum do you find most exciting/effective? I love teaching all of the areas but especially Math, Geometry, Cultural, and Language.

7. Tell us about your family/hobbies. I have an intelligent, beautiful one year old goddaughter and a wonderful family. I enjoy reading, listening to all kinds of music, singing and walking at the beach.

8. What country have you never visited but would like to. I would like to visit France and New Zealand.