Ale Oliva – Student Services Coordinator

1. Where are you from?  I was born in El Paso, Texas but I was raised in Mexico.

2. What year did you begin teaching? I began teaching in August 2009.

3. Where did you go to school? I went to Loretto Academy High school in El Paso Texas and I did my Early Childhood Montessori Training in Palm Harbor, Fl. I am currently at Endicott College perusing my Bachelor’s degree on Psychology.

4. What degrees/certifications do you hold? AMS Early Childhood Montessori Certificate, VPK, CPR.

5. Describe a “top” teaching moment. When the children learn how to read and when you noticed that they can be self directed.

6. What part of the Montessori curriculum do you find most exciting/effective? I love the Math Curriculum. When I was in training I always wished that I had been a Montessori child myself. It’s amazing!!!!

7. Tell us about your family/hobbies. I have two daughters Sofia (8) and Valeria (6) they both attend Palm Harbor Montessori.  I consider myself very lucky for that. We love going out in nature. We go to the beach, different parks around the city, we like to go out to ride our bikes. One of our favorite places is Barnes and Nobles,  we all enjoy reading and sharing what we learn through the books. I personally like to dance, spend time with friends and family, and I love to go to the movies.

8. What country have you never visited but would like to? I would love to go to Italy.