Montessori Childcare

Empower your child to learn through self-direction, exploration and individualized educational experiences.

What’s the difference between Montessori and Traditional Childcare?

There are a number of differences between a Montessori Childcare Program and traditional early childhood education experience. They contrast in a broad list, but to simplify here are the major difference we want to highlight:

Child-led Learning vs Pre-Planned Teaching

In a Montessori Childcare Program, your children will be constantly challenged and progress at their own pace. This promotes their own exploration and desire to continue to learn. It’s vastly different from a traditional program, where children are expected to sit, listen and become sponges of information.

Social Learning vs Group conformity

In a Montessori Childcare environment, children are taught to respond appropriately to share with one another. They are taught to only take activities from shelves, not one another. Should the later happen, they are empowered with appropriate language tools, such as “I am working on this, you can have it when I am done.” This behavior is also taught by example from teachers and guides. This is a drastic difference to the traditional system, where children are to learn in a comforted way. They are encouraged indiscriminately share everything, sit still for extended periods of time, all without regard to the emotional and cognitive needs of each individual.

Inner Discipline vs Obedience School

In our Montessori Childcare, children are encouraged to develop an inner discipline. From their choices in activities to the examples set forth by their guides, they are constantly promoting their own discipline and enhancing their internal motivation to behave well. For example, if a child runs in the class room. Rather than reprimanding them “No running in class!,” one of our guides would calmly tell the child that we walk in the classroom, and proceed to guide the child along .

However, words can only take you so far in understanding the Montessori advantage. It’s an experience that you have to witness. Schedule your tour today.

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Empower your child to learn through self-direction, exploration and individualized educational experiences.

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