Pamela Russell – Primary Lead Teacher

1. Where are you from? I was born in Mississippi, but my family traveled extensively and lived in many places (5 in Florida alone) before we moved to the Virgin Islands when I was six years old.  I spent the next 40 years there (traveling and living abroad in between).

2. What year did you begin teaching? In 1991, but I worked as an assistant for six years prior to that.

3. Where did you go to school? I attended the University of the Virgin Islands and have taken some classes at St. Petersburg College.

4. What degrees/certifications do you hold? I hold an A.M.I  diploma from  the Montessori Institute of Atlanta.  C.D.A. (Child Development Associate), and am VPK certified.

5. Describe a “top” teaching moment. There are SO many.  Observing a child writing with the Movable Alphabet for the first time is wonderful!

6. What part of the Montessori curriculum do you find most exciting/effective? ALL of it! Each area (Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial, and the Cultural activities) provides the child/ren with tools they will need for life!

7. Tell us about your family/hobbies. I have two lovely daughters.  Each went through Montessori as far as they could and both are grateful for this experience.  I love traveling, reading, snorkeling and puzzles/games!

8. What country have you never visited but would like to. I would love to visit the Seychelle islands off the east coast of Africa! or… Madagascar, or Indonesia, or….I want to travel EVERYWHERE!