Catherine Barringer

1. Where are you from? Originally from New York, but has lived in St. Pete area for more than 40 years

2. How long have you been teaching?  I have been a preschool teacher for 37 years, 7 of them as a Montessori teacher

3. Where did you go to school? Attended North American Montessori Teacher’s Association and received an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Development from St. Petersburg College Palm Harbor Montessori Training Center, Palm Harbor, FL

4. What degrees/certifications do you hold? I hold an AMS certificate.

5. Describe a “top” teaching moment. When an older two year old child helps a younger two year old child who needs help with his work and is compassionate enough to help him.

6. What part of the Montessori curriculum do you find most exciting/effective?  I love seeing students develop a sense of independence as a result of their accomplishments in the classroom and the way students are engaged in their lessons utilizing Montessori materials. I have a passion for teaching Toddler-age children and am dedicated to making tier experience wonderful.